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In my 10+ years in the telecommunication industry, I have never worked with a vendor/supplier that is better than Accurate Connections. You consistently go above and beyond the call of duty and exceed all expectations. I often feel as if I am your only customer. The below explains in more detail why you are the best: Responsiveness: always receive pricing, orders, drawings, tracking, and anything else in a timely manner, often pricing bill of materials with complex configurations over the phone. There is no one else that can do that. Accuracy: hence the appropriate company name. Jumpers are done correctly and in line with any drawing or customer requirement. Delivery Speed: custom applications are delivered quickly and efficiently. Customer Service: you are the only vendor to provide order confirmations direct to each sales rep for every order. This saves valuable time and provides needed information. If there are ever any issues, you take care of them quickly and without drama. Thanks again for all that you do for us. You are the model for what every vendor/supplier should strive to become.

A Distributor

I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You very much for the help and quick response you have given us here. You have helped us and our customers out of some tight spots in the past few years. Not only do you take care of us, we consider you one of the best vendors we have. You always have a nice word and a smile, which comes across even over the phone.

A Distributor

If you would tell everybody who helped, including yourself, with the late night fiber jumpers, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Everything was correct. It all got there on time and I couldn’t have done it without your help. I know people stayed late and got up early, and their efforts do not go unappreciated. My next order will be an easy one.

A Distributor

Thanks for your outstanding service in making this customer happy with all of his fiber request.

A Distributor

I wanted to take this opportunity to commend you on your/Accurate Connections’ outstanding customer support and service. I had the pleasure of experiencing ACI’s dedication and commitment to their customers this past week. One of my major customers, a Fortune 100 Company, requested custom pin-out cable for a new rollout at the lab in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. I received a prompt response back from ACI, including pricing, custom part number generation, and a detailed spec drawing for this custom assembly. The customer approved the information received on these cables and proceeded to order the material. Once the material was received, the customer realized they had ordered the incorrect material. I immediately contacted ACI for assistance. ACI could have dismissed this issue as a customer error, forcing the customer to re-order material and accrue additional costs. Instead, ACI went way past standard protocol by allowing the customer to send the cable assemblies back so they could be re-terminated with the correct pin-out. ACI processed this change free of charge! It is very rare in this industry to experience this type of customer service. ACI recognized the importance of this order and exceeded my expectations with how they handled the situation.

A System Integrator

It has been a pleasure working with a company as good as yours. This was an extremely large project and fast paced and we all had to jump through hoops. We appreciate all you did for us and without you we would not have been able to pull this one off. Your quality and professionalism is second to none. We will look forward to seeing you at your open house but hopefully we will have many more orders for you until then. We appreciate your support on this project and many past projects and look forward to the future.

A Distributor

You guys saved the day on Sunday with the accurate connection SM fiber trunks. The customer had ordered some previously for another area and received non-compatible trunks. We found this out around 4:30 on Sunday. Luckily, I had the fiber trunks we had picked up from Accurate we installed them and everything worked like it should. They were able to get the connections they needed up with the new trunks. Great job coordinating and prepping the trunks.

A Production Manager

Heather, I am very pleased with the help and support David has provided me with my project. I can’t thank him, and your team, enough with the customer service you have provided me. I look forward to continue our relationship into the future.

An Account Manager

We definitely appreciate how Anixter and ACI’s working relationship is able to provide quality cables in an efficient time (especially on these rush orders) –> They also liked the fact that you guys are honest/”realistic” on your time tables (not over-promising and under-delivering).

A Major User

Please pass on my sincere thanks to Peggy and her staff for another job well done. As you are aware we have placed 3 orders in the last two weeks for multiple types and lengths of fiber patch cables. All were completed on time including the order for same day delivery. All cables were manufactured with the same excellent quality we have become accustomed to.